me and my getinvict gang are speakin on a daily basis
getinvict hittin p and we just speakin
by War ? June 21, 2018
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Something stupid people say to others when they cannot understand them because they only have 3rd grade education and never learned cursive.
Ronnie was pissed at Earl for speakin' cursive at him when he was trying to explain the difference between a lollipop and a popsicle. He decked him out of frustration.
by von groovy August 3, 2017
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Stop talking because I'm not about to listen.
Ernesto: "...and you should have seen the way I worked the street..."
Shahid: "Speakin' ban! Speakin' ban!"
by tkelly77 June 6, 2010
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Some One Who Is On Meath And Is Making On Sense At All. Thay Are Talking RIGHT Out The Side Of their Neck.
My Friends Steph AND LC Say In All ways Speakin Tweekish Making No Sense and Spinning Around Like A Hellacopter Just spun TO The Hub.
by PECKER HEAAD March 9, 2008
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Originated in Philadelphia

1. Guys usually say, "You Ain't Tweakin We Ain't Speakin"

2. If your not having sex with me what's the point of me talking to you?

3. If your not being a whore or tweakin were not speaking

4. Don't talk to me if your not tweakin (being a whore)

5. I Don't want to talk to you if were not having sex
Tweakin is being a whore and having sex with random guys

Wanna fuck? (Guys says)

No (Girl says)

Why are we talking to each other then? (Guy says)

"You Ain't Tweakin We Ain't Speakin" (Guy says)

Guy no longer talks to the girl once he finds out the girl doesn't wanna have sex
by breezyboooo April 6, 2010
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Talking nonsense. Talking shit. Talking out of your ass. All mean the same thing. Used when someone says some crazy shit..
Person 1: “Aye what the move is tonight?”
Person 2: “I got us a table at club E11EVEN, we gone live it up tonight.”
Person 1: “You cap jitt, you broke asl where you got the money for a table from??
Person 3: “NoKap, that boy be speakin DUCK.”
by Speaking duck June 23, 2022
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When you received the wrong uber eats order and you call the sped delivery person and they don't say anything and put their dumb retarded boyfriend (who can't pronounce, "speaking," correctly) on the phone and he says, "WHO SPEAKIN?"
Me: "Hey, you gave me the wrong order."
No one: Dogshit faggot boyfriend loser fuck: "WHO SPEAKIN'?"
by imajhin October 15, 2022
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