i've actually seen 4 different guys:

1. the best one being the reknown Canadian actor who played wayne in Wayne's World, was on SNL and a bunch of other things, basically the funniest guy on the face of the earth

2. guy from Haloween who killed all the people, also known as Michael Myers

3. lefty "specialist" who played for the red sox in 2004-2005 and then defected to the yankees in 2006, as a yankee he recently gave up a huge go ahead 3 run homer to Big Papi David Ortiz (whose a lefty) to lose a game for the yankees

4. gay computer guy who was the star of all videos i had to watch in my computer training class in high school; this guy would give hard drive a blowjob if you asked him to, also likes to be called Michael Myers
1. mike myers is the funniest dude on the face of the earth

2. mike (michael) myers put on his jason mask and killed 652 people this weekend with a machete

3. mike myers is a shit pitcher

4. mike (michael) myers sucks computer pole
by andy40250 July 13, 2006
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An actor who used to be funny but is now just plain annoying. I knew it was a mistake to make more than one "Shrek" film.
Then: Hahaha! This guy is hilarious!
Now: What a shit movie. I can't believe Mike Myers is in it.
by ChallengerApproching July 29, 2009
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Extremely lame "actor" whose acting skill consists of doing the same character with different clothes over and over again. Watch "Wayne's World", "Austin Powers", the "Axe Murderer" one, and any of his SNL sketches. He does and says almost the exact same things but changes his clothes and tries to alter his accent.
Lets sign a petition "Ban Mike Myers from ever standing in front of a camera"
by jojojfik July 2, 2005
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An extremely funny, Canadian (oh yeah!!) actor, who started out on SNL, and later went on to making hilarious movies, such as the "Austin Powers" series, the "Shrek" series (MY FAVOURITE!!!), "Axe Murderer", "The Cat In The Hat"...etc.
Let us all stare open-jawed at the wonders of Mike Myers!!!

by nickchik April 14, 2006
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To be stuck in a tight space, especially when driving a vehicle on a narrow passage or street. The phrase is a play on the word "mired," and refers to a scene from "Austin Powers," in which the title character, portrayed by Mike Myers, is driving a golf cart down the narrow corridor of an industrial building and becomes impossibly jammed in a sideways manner. More specifically, to be "mike myered" is to attempt a three-point turn in a vehicle, only to find that the space is too narrow and requires a turn of four, five, six or more points.
As we were leaving the graduation party, I took a wrong turn, but when I tried to pull a quick U-turn I got mike myered between all the cars parked on the street.
by terriblefish June 1, 2006
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to make a decent living doing nothing but providing stupid faces along with hilarious accents for your entire life.
hahaha man that scottish accent was hilarious...

yea i know ive got the mike myers syndrome.
by thebilldozer August 20, 2010
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