A female version of an erection.

A moist vulva that has been sexually aroused.

Sometimes used to describe young females out on the town with the perception that they're on the prowl looking for sex or available for sex.
Stephen turned me on so much I now have a moisty.
by Jazpur September 30, 2012
A alternate form of salty meant with more hostile intent. It's derogatory and is mainly used to refer to someone who is acting bitter, petty, irrationally angry, and other similar variations of salt. Moisty can also be used to refer to someone who is acting like a lil bitch or pussy.
"ohh you little moisty bitch" ~Modern Poet, Azizi Gibson; 'Unstoppable'
by Italian_Mustache May 9, 2016
When a female is participating in a non-sexual, feminine activity that abruptly results in the female getting wet by herself or while in the company of her female friend/friends.

Moisty is the female equivalents of a Broner
I cleaned my house so well that it gave me a moisty.

Cindy, the way you baked that cake gave me a moisty.

Shanana, you did my weave so good it gave me a moisty.
by LU SAACS November 3, 2009
one who is being bitchy, annoying, salty, dumb, douche-ish, or an arrogant ass-hole

one who is ignored by the whole group as tho anything they say is insignificant or they merely don't exist.
"Brad, you're being extra moisty today"

"N*ck is moisty"

Mitch: hey moisty
N*ck: yeah?
Mitch: Dude, you're a moist ass bitch"
Anthony: yeah, moisty
by MoistyLovers November 17, 2011
Moisty is a state that is reached due to eXtreme sexual stimulation. Moisty can also be used to describe the weather, if it is particually gluggy.
Oh stop it baby, you're making me moisty.
by Gloria April 9, 2005
Havning the look, feel or smell of something that retains some amount of moisture and emits a foul or unpleasant odor because of it.
I found some socks under the back seat of your car that are pretty moisty. If they stay there though the winter their probably going to get moistyer.
by Muki Tipster October 8, 2010
Someone who you consider to be your friend. Also a "term of endearment".
"Hey Moisty"

"waddup moisty"

"awwww, moisty"

"your a sweet little moisty arent you!"
by sketi April 29, 2009