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A female version of an erection.

A moist vulva that has been sexually aroused.

Sometimes used to describe young females out on the town with the perception that they're on the prowl looking for sex or available for sex.
Stephen turned me on so much I now have a moisty.
by Jaspur September 30, 2012
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a chick who a guy finds really attractive.
a chick who is hot and wet hot
fuck man, did you see that chick last night at the party, she was a moisty
by ally456 October 21, 2008
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Females between the ages of 18 and 25 who is down for anything.
This party is a total Sausage Festival where are all the moisties?
by scottfilly November 28, 2009
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A alternate form of salty meant with more hostile intent. It's derogatory and is mainly used to refer to someone who is acting bitter, petty, irrationally angry, and other similar variations of salt. Moisty can also be used to refer to someone who is acting like a lil bitch or pussy.
"ohh you little moisty bitch" ~Modern Poet, Azizi Gibson; 'Unstoppable'
by Italian_Mustache May 13, 2016
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female equivalent of a 'stiffy' or hard-on and ONE of the ways in which a lady-boner manifests, the moisty is simply referring to the moisture that occurs when a female is very pleased to see someone.
Cinema attendant to last female to leave the theatre: "Miss the movie is over. Can you please leave? I need to clean up before the next session."

her: "I would like to but I am stuck to the seat."

him: "Ah I see. The same thing happened to my girlfriend once."

her: "Yes. It's Daniel Craig as 'Bond' you see. Gave me a moisty of epic proportions."
by Emelda Marina February 17, 2009
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