When someone doesn't know how to continue the conversation or doesn't know what to talk about they will usually just say sooo after a while
Al : Hi
Soph : Hey
Al: How are you ?
Soph : fine
Al : sooo
by Hiiiworld June 3, 2015
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pronounced ts-OOH

a term used by slightly immature 14-16 year-old British teenagers in order to gain attention in lesson or to distract the class while the teacher is talking - quickly spreads, and can work like a game of Bogeys.
also used as an friendly insult towards fellow teenagers in a strange type of slang that can mean a variety of generic insults

Allegedly derived from the Polish word "zou"

your pathetic, your so SOO-able
by charlie-is-a-dirty-pole December 8, 2009
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What white girls say to try and stop the awkward silence
Sooo... ready for the random chimp event?”
by chaotic_madlad March 30, 2020
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When an object, person or concept can be described as the following: indie, fresh, crisp, specimen-esque, bangin, tan, hip, chill or anything that can live up to the sheer and utter skill of pulling off a bandanna and aviators.
#1 "dayummm...look at the tan on that bitch!"
"man- I'm so jealous, she is sooo Canada."

#2 "So I met this girl last night at a totally indie awesome concert!"
"Yeah? Did you bang her?!"
"Well of course, she was sooo Canada what did you expect me to do?!"

#3 "OH MY GWAD. Check out that guys abs, and his face! He looks like a leather couch."
"That's sooo Canada."
by TheIndieKids January 15, 2010
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Sooo gid, as in really gid, as in sooo gid, It's a metaphor, if you dont think its sooo gid then sooo gid can't really be sooo gid can it??

If something is "soooo" good that you need to say so much longer than normal

If something is so shite that you need to take the piss out of it and laugh a lot and go "that was soo gid"
J-man - "Walkin ti Denny is sooo gid"
Brian - "ken"

J-man - "This tablet is soooo gid"
Brian - "ken"
(not sarcastic)
(tablet is a scottish candy which tastes sooo gid)
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A term used to express relatability in a topic while simultaneously showing the extremity of it. Commonly used among a younger demographic.
Person A: That's a Cormac Bywater moment
Person B: Sooo true
by Funny sandwich man August 22, 2022
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Phrase made popular by the band Jet Lag Gemini. Pronounced with a British accent, this elite phrase can be applied to describe absolutely anything.
"Those shoes are sooo you!"

"Hey Mat, that Blackberry is soo you!"
by thisusernameissooyou! February 9, 2010
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