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When someone doesn't know how to continue the conversation or doesn't know what to talk about they will usually just say sooo after a while
Al : Hi
Soph : Hey
Al: How are you ?
Soph : fine
Al : sooo
by Hiiiworld June 03, 2015
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What white girls say to try and stop the awkward silence
“Sooo... ready for the random chimp event?”
by chaotic_madlad March 30, 2020
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pronounced ts-OOH

a term used by slightly immature 14-16 year-old British teenagers in order to gain attention in lesson or to distract the class while the teacher is talking - quickly spreads, and can work like a game of Bogeys.
also used as an friendly insult towards fellow teenagers in a strange type of slang that can mean a variety of generic insults

Allegedly derived from the Polish word "zou"

your pathetic, your so SOO-able
by charlie-is-a-dirty-pole December 08, 2009
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