1.) Gathering of High School or college students who emulate a useless and powerless multi-national body to discuss issues that are neither relevant, useful or mildly interesting.
2.) A chance to escape from the mundane flow of a normal school day.
3.) An oppurtunity to test corny pickup lines half of which involve teh counrty of Djibouti.
4.) An oppurtunity to see scores of socially inept teenagers in one room.
5.) A place to meet many diverse and interesting people who will only be known by the name of their country.
6.) The only place where and agreement between Israel and Plaestine ahs ever been reached.
7.) Place where parlimentary procedure goes to die.
From Model UN:
Chair: Decorum!
Delegate from Belgium: I hope that gavel's not the only thing your banging.

Delegate from Belarus: Would you be asignatory to working paper 1.2?
Delegate from Russian Federation: I appreciate the offer, but I just don't like you.

Delegate from Kazakhstan: Motion for a dance break!

Delegate from Singapore: Motion for a semi-moderated caucus.
Chair: Do you mean an unmoderated caucus?
Delegate from Singapore: No. You know asemi-moderated caucus, it's less formal.
Chair: Please sit down.

Chair: Since we only have a few minutes left, we will now vote on superlatives. Any suggestions?
Delegate from Kenya: Most likely to be assassinated.
Chair: That's easy, anyone who makes fun of Chuck Norris.
by Phil Kiffer February 07, 2006
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A confernce wher high school students can go and simulate the United Nations.. Each student is assinged to a country and must represent said country. Some Popular ones are W&M, GW, Georgetown, Princeton, Harvard, UPENN, and JHU

..and of course cheesy pick up lines you will only appreciate if you have been to mun and know how awesome it is!
Model UN is AMAZING!
"Its not how big your Plaquered is its how long you can keep it up"
"I'd like to moderate you caucus"
"Motion to invade Djibouti with the help of Greece"
"If You're as long as the speakers list meet me in the bathroom!"
by Delagate from China November 08, 2006
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a. A place for high school students to take the roles of delegates representing other countries in order to "solve" world problems
b. A chance for geeks to get it on with hot delegates who don't know them
c. Often followed by a delegate dance, full of raging teenage hormones
d. Where students get to show off their cheesy pick up lines, most of which involve Djibouti
random mun-er: dude, China at that last model un conference was so hot!

delegate from Brazil: that had better be a gavel in your pocket

delegate from DR Congo: I totally wanna get it on with Djibouti
by schulz March 13, 2006
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A program held at colleges and universities (such as Brown University) that allows High School students to act as if they're a committee in the United Nations or a part of a historical meeting (eg. the French Resistance).

The greatest social experience of all time. Usually includes a dance where people go wild, grind on each other, etc.

Definitely do it if you have a chance. 10 times better than Model Congress.
Guy A: At Model UN, I got hit on by a 25 year old chick, grinded on another chick, and said some cheesy pickup lines to another. I came back with 3 numbers too

Guy B: Awww, we don't do that in Model Congress
by BlackTokyo November 16, 2010
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1. Large conferences of high school students who enjoy debate called Model UN
2. Large conferences of high school students who enjoy skipping school
3. Large conferences of students representing a large international body, and in their time create solutions faster than the large useless body they emulate.
4. A place to crack jokes about country names like Djibouti and Azerbaijian
Chair: Yes Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan: Hi, my name's Uzbekistan but that's not the only thing thats long

China: Point of Inquiry
Chair: Yes China
China: Is that a gavel in your pocket or are you just excited?

Chair: Roll call..... Denmark
Denmark: Present
Chair: Djibouti
Chair repeats: Djibouti?
Chair: Djibouti is not present
Denmark: Honorable Chair, the delegates of Denmark saw Djibouti walk outside with Iran
Chair: (marking down while muttering) Iran with Djibouti
Denmark: Honorable Chair, isn't this type of thing common in Model UN?

by Ada C September 24, 2006
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1.) A large conference of high school students who emulate a useless international body and pretend to care about issues that do not concern them in any manner.
2.) An excess for students to escape from the mundane activities that are involved in the daily high school education process
3.) An oppertunity for these students to practice corny pick-up lines
From Model UN:

Example 1:
Delegate from France: I'd like to moderate your caucus

Example 2:
Delgate from Spain: How do you go about conquering Djibouti?
Delgate from China: Go to Greece for help!
by Non Governmental Organizations November 19, 2005
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A high school extra circular activity that shows why high schoolers shouldn’t run countries.
“Dude did you go to the Model UN conference?”

“Yeah, we started World War III, and it ended in nuclear holocaust. The only country that survived was Djibouti
by Dom03 February 18, 2020
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