1 definition by Ada C

1. Large conferences of high school students who enjoy debate called Model UN
2. Large conferences of high school students who enjoy skipping school
3. Large conferences of students representing a large international body, and in their time create solutions faster than the large useless body they emulate.
4. A place to crack jokes about country names like Djibouti and Azerbaijian
Chair: Yes Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan: Hi, my name's Uzbekistan but that's not the only thing thats long

China: Point of Inquiry
Chair: Yes China
China: Is that a gavel in your pocket or are you just excited?

Chair: Roll call..... Denmark
Denmark: Present
Chair: Djibouti
Chair repeats: Djibouti?
Chair: Djibouti is not present
Denmark: Honorable Chair, the delegates of Denmark saw Djibouti walk outside with Iran
Chair: (marking down while muttering) Iran with Djibouti
Denmark: Honorable Chair, isn't this type of thing common in Model UN?

by Ada C September 24, 2006
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