4 definitions by schulz

Master of the street, can sometimes be refered to as the soul of DJ KRANTZ. Php haxxor with strenghts beyond human capacity. Son of god.
STyGG - all other is teh suxx-_-
by schulz April 21, 2003
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somehwhat like a mosh pit, but specifically to ska music and is usually a rotating circle of people who are skanking
ska dude: there was an awesome skank pit at the dance last night... my body's still sore
by schulz March 20, 2006
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a. A place for high school students to take the roles of delegates representing other countries in order to "solve" world problems
b. A chance for geeks to get it on with hot delegates who don't know them
c. Often followed by a delegate dance, full of raging teenage hormones
d. Where students get to show off their cheesy pick up lines, most of which involve Djibouti
random mun-er: dude, China at that last model un conference was so hot!

delegate from Brazil: that had better be a gavel in your pocket

delegate from DR Congo: I totally wanna get it on with Djibouti
by schulz March 13, 2006
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Something to say when someone states the obvious, especially during a movie outloud.
Little kid: She was a ghost all along (from the Fog)
by schulz November 16, 2005
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