A place where young adolescents with oversized libidos release tremendous sexual tension that has been accumulating for several days while participating in a stressful Model United Nations conference (Such as U of Penn MUN or UC Berkley MUN). The most insane and grimy party you've ever been to. Expect it to be packed with sweaty teens of all nationalities. Managing to maneuver through the dance floor is quite a challenge, you will likely get shoved and pushed as if you were in one massive mosh pit. Nationalities will often remain in packs on the dance floor, be cautious of "straight off the boat" foreigners as they are often hideous. Your clothes will undoubtedly be drenched with sweat by the end of the 4 hour affair beginning at 9 PM and ending at 12 PM. HORNY TEENS fear not, there will be plenty of MUN POON circulating through out the dance. Girls are often extremely attractive while the guys tend to be huge nerds. Delegates can expect anything from handjobs to hook ups on the dance floor. The Delegate Dance is similar to a huge orgy of teens. If one does not receive MUN POON at the dance, he has failed at life. See also: MUN POON
Jordan: Dude what was your body count at the Delegate Dance last night?
Daniel: Bro, I got so much MUN POON. I hooked up with 9 fine ass girls. Some girl gave me brain right on the dance floor. GOML dawg.
Jordan: Dayum. I got attacked by a bunch of chicks from China.
Daniel: Gross
by danielyaa5 February 04, 2012
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