A country involved in a great amount of Model United Nations pick-up lines because of its name.
I would like to invade Djibouti with the help of Greece.
by Kim Jong UN February 2, 2015
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Pronounced like "ji-boo-tee"

- A republic in Africa

- Whatever I want it to mean at the time that I say it.
What's going on? "Djibouti" meaning nothing much if that's what I mean.

"Djibouti" - kid, sit down and be quiet!

"Djibouti" - What's wrong with you, anyway?
by frank darlucci March 6, 2010
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It is known 4 Bein Da Worldz Hottest Countrie with A Average Tempurture of 104 degrees!
by OLSKOO November 8, 2003
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A general insult denoting great negativity in odor, hygeine, appearance, culture or ancestry. Also a country on the horn of Africa.
Skeeter, was you born in Djibouti? If you caint spit terbacca proper at least shampoo your dammed beard!
by harry flashman July 29, 2003
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An unkempt, dirty, disgusting prostitute.
A reference, usually suggested by sailors or soldiers, to an unfortunate past sexual conquest.
Located at the Horn of Africa, Djibouti occupies a strategic geographic location at the mouth of the Red Sea, near the world's busiest shipping lanes and close to Arabian oilfields, and serves as an important transshipment location for goods entering and leaving the east African highlands.
The present leadership maintains good ties with its former colonial power, France--which is also known for its dirty, unbathed whores--as well as the United States. Both countries have their only military bases in the entire sub-Saharan Africa located in the heart of Djibouti.
Slightly smaller than Massachusetts, Djibouti's climate is torrid, dry desert, and it boasts inadequate supplies of potable water, limited arable land and desertification, all leading to its high population of unbathed whores servicing both the sailor and soldier community.
Living mostly in wasteland, Djibouti's population has a life expectancy of 43.17 years, which only encourages its young women to "get it while the gettins good," thus turning to a life of filthy, low-quality whoring.
Djibouti whores are infamous among all sailors and soldiers as the worst whores one will ever cum across.
"So there I was, balls deep in a Djibouti whore..."
by Adam Bomb April 21, 2006
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When a girl assumes the position, much like a toad before it leaps, the man (with a running start) thrusts his dong into her Djibouti Hole. This act is repeated until the duo reaches the other end of the room. For maximum family fun, turn around and start again!
"Oh boy! Am I beat from the rigorous Djibouti Toad Hop sesh I had last night!"
by Som_Tmith January 30, 2017
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