A central-Asian country hated by Kazakhstan. Uzbeks has bones in their brain (according to Borat). It also has inferior pottasium.

But in real it's just another alright country.
Wowawiwa, Uzbekistan, fuck a you, motherfuckers!
by Uzbek Scum May 23, 2008
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Country people have to look up when they here the name...

...independant since 1991 when the USSR broke up. Key towns include Tashkent (the capital), the fabled Samarkand (Samarqand) and Bukhara (Buxoro). Genghis Khan invaded the area and later it gave rise to it's own bloody thirsty conquerer and national hero Tarmerlane (Timur Lange).

Some tourists do go there, normally heading for Samarkand (Registan Square or 'Reggies Place', Bib Qanum Mosque, Ulug Beg's observatory), Bukhara (the 'Ark' fortress) and Khiva (or Xiva - one of the most complete medieval moslem towns in the world).

Mainly Sunni Moslem since the Arabs invaded before Genghis Khan and kicked out the Buddhists, Zoroastrians and Nestorian Christians. Some Russian Orthodox Christians still around. Generally peaceful these days apart from a few hardliner Commies and Islamists committing the odd misdeed. Maily Uzbeks, with a few Tajiks, Russians and a tiny number of Koreans (don't ask how they got there - last local reminant of Buddhism).

By the way, 'X' in Uzbek is 'Kh' and 'K' keeps getting replaced by 'Q' in their alphabet.
Uzbekistan - Uzbeki-where???
by Ian November 25, 2004
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A country full of assholes who are south-west of the greatest country in the world, mighty Kazakhstan.

The average Uzbekistani not worthy of bite my sister's asshole! Fuck you and get AIDS!!!
Uzbekistan have inferior potassium. Motherfuckers!
by A.D. Hates You January 9, 2008
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A country that no one ahs ever been to - even the people that live there. It's probably fairly poor and i doubt anyone actually knows where it is.
Of course I know where Uzbekistan is! It's right there, beside that other shitty country.
by attractive nun December 4, 2003
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a place where the airplane dance is native
where the grams stick a catlete between two breads and call it a hamburger
by pooshkeen November 14, 2003
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Self proclaimed asians and in fact the country is not THAT poor. Even though they call themselves a republic, its actually still very communist under the current president, Islam Karimov. 90% of uzbeks also claim to be muslim but don't know the fuck it means. To them they say it because of the culture. The economy is slowly getting back on its feet after being shat on by the USSR and its actually not that bad. They have a pretty good metro system and cute boys(;
OH! AND ITS MORTAL ENEMY ARE THE KAZAKHS, so if anything bad is written on here, its probably from them.
Person 1: Hey where did you say you were from? Pakistan?
Me: UZBEKISTAN. get it right.
by proudtobemuslima January 26, 2011
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One of the "stan" lands located in central Asia made up of primarly followers of Islam.
I was born in Uzbekistan, but moved to Turkmenistan when I was 10 years old.
by mandychic0406 September 15, 2005
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