A serious condition where the individual, in the week after a Model United Nations trip, attempts to use a placard with his or her name on it in school to speak or feels it is acceptable to pass notes or bring motions in the classroom.

This syndrome often results in embarrassment or reprimand.
Sid: Point of Inquiry!
*raises placard*
Teacher: What?

Sid: Oh sorry, I still have Model UN Syndrome.
by srav November 23, 2009
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1) When a delegate at a model united nations conference is unwilling or too lazy to write a resolution of their own but instead walks around endlessly looking for other groups to invade

2) Anyone unwilling to write their own ideas down so the find a group looking for sponsers of a resolution and once said group is found takes over while never inputting any ideas
MUN delegate 1- hey do you need another sponser? ive got some good ideas....
MUN delegate 2- yeah sure! so what do you think?
MUN delegate 1- well i actually have nothing to input but since you put me down im just going to take over and do all of the talking ok?
MUN delegate 2- ew your a Model UN reso hopper.... loser
by leftfootin January 13, 2013
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