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I pounded my cock into her. she moaned so loud. I picked up the 12 inch dildo and shoved it into her ass . She screamed. She called out my name.

The next day she texted me and asked if we could have a threesome with her friend Tiffany. How could I say no? That night I walked into my room and saw her and Tiffany playing with dildos and vibrators. I was soooo hard. I jumped onto the bed and started to play with their breasts. I stuck Tiffany’s tit in my mouth and started to fuck Brittany with a dildo. We pause and I get undressed. The girls start kissing and fingering each other. Shoved my cock into Brittany’s mouth while Tiffany started playing with her boobs. I cum in her mouth and shove my cock into Tiffany’s pussy and a dildo in her ass. Tiffany starts to lick Brittany’s pussywhile I fuck her doggystyle.

I’m sooo horny right now anyone wanna fuuucckk
by JJdj May 06, 2019
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when a man sits on your face bare-assed with his nutsack in your mouth and his asshole directly over the nose while farting. usually used as a prank; to be moaned.
"omg what smells? ahhh! im being moaned! get the fuck off my face you fat motherfucker!"
by erin brooke December 14, 2007
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