Something you DONT want to here coming from your parents bedroom ...
“What all that moaning about?” “Why are you moaning so loud
by Bybybyby July 15, 2019
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Moaning is that noise that someone would make while having sex. Usually in porn and often used by immature kids who think it`s funny but it`s really just annoying. Sex doesn`t always have to have moaning though, cuz that will usually wake all your neighbors up.
Mike: Where the fuck is that moaning coming from?
Mike: Oh, Noah is probably just watching porn again.
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The sound that the female mostly makes during sexual intercourse. During sex, the guy can moan frequently too. It’s caused by a necessary pressure release in the lungs, forcing us to moan because the intercourse is too much pressure especially for girls because they’re the ones that get fucked by the boys. Boys do feel a little bit of pressure too making them moan. Girls commonly moan when they actually get fucked, not when they’re giving a hand/blow job, or sucking the dick because all the pressure is applied when they get fucked. During sex, the girl also may sometimes moan “daddy”. Most girls don’t know why boys like being called “daddy” during sex, but they usually think calling the boy “daddy” makes the boy think he’s got power over the girl, which makes him more motivated into the intercourse. Some girls moan loudly, some girls moan like “mmmh”, some girls moan quietly, some girls moan like they’ve just climbed into bed to sleep, etc... Girls moan in different ways. It could be high pitched, low pitched or more. Boys usually swear while moaning in intercourse. For example, sometimes they would moan normally like “Ohhh” or “Ahhh” or “Oohh” and other times they would go like “Oh fuckkk” or “Ahh shittt” yeah.
by FunkyFrondeur October 2, 2020
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Alright you little pervert...
I know you're probably at school and all the sites are blocked.
Just wait until you get home-
Why is Mom moaning?
by bewildered_bee January 2, 2021
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Making loud noises while being penetrated in either the asshole or the vagina or sometimes the ear
Sammy: *Starts Moaning*

JJ: *Ear Fucks*
by BigBig dick dale January 29, 2019
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*Moaning intensifies*
When you moans, you know she wants that bone. **HARD**
Moaning is sexy GOOD
by ShayShayShayShayShayShayShay September 23, 2019
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