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The act of combining two substances, namely ; toasted cigarette tobacco and seived or grated cannabis resin. To be smoked through a bong.
Whats the crack, any mix?!

Giz a Bong on yer mix!!!!
by xXRozeeXx May 30, 2008
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One who budgies, commits the act of budgery! see Budgie

A long haired man with the lungs of a small brightly coloured bird.

One who chokes upon inhalation of a bong or similar smoking device.

Tiny toke.
Whats happenin there auld budgie lungs?!

Kris has budgie lungs.
by xXRozeeXx May 30, 2008
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1. Some one who is remarkably ugly.
2. Some one who has been exposed to reasonable levels of radiation.
3. Some one who has taken too many drugs and experienced meltdown of their psychological and/or nuerological systems.
4. Some one whos parents originate from the Ukraine.
5. A term of endearment amongst friends!
Shut up Glen, You're nothing but a dirty chernobyl victim!!!!

Go back to Chernobyl!!!
by xXRozeeXx May 30, 2008
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R.I.P. Dezzie, you were a legend!!!!
by xXRozeeXx May 30, 2008
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