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Similar to a yoke in a sence that like to an ox it's a way of guiding somebody to do good with their life. It would be popularly marketed with something like #mitzvah and @superjew, it's basically a good deed but with more value to the soul. Also mentioned constantly in the Jewish world alongside words like Hashem, kosher, Bernie, and Wall Street.
Already have too much money? Do a mitzvah! Donate to some random charity!

It was fun to volunteer with my yeshivah for the local homeless shelter! #mitzvah #BaruchHashem #BecauseWeAreLakewoodSoWeAre etterThanAll

Those people from Lakewood think they are so great because they worked for a rushed hour to help the homeless while shitting on any other organization that helped out even though they put WAY more effort! Why don't they do the mitzvah of learning to STFU!
by DethKnot March 15, 2017
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(v)-to forcibly induce celebration on another
(v)-mit-tah-zah-fah: to throw people up in the air on a chair. not to be confused with extreme duck duck goose, where the person would be tied to the chair and the people, running with the chair on their shoulders towards a bubbling couldron, would be yelling, "stew pot stew pot...!"
You better be careful on your birthday or we'll mitzvah you real good.

I'll mitzvah you!!
by JoeTrotta/ Jenny Lowe February 05, 2008
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