When everything turns out Extremely Horrible!
Last night was really a shitshow; I'm telling you!!
by Starchylde December 30, 2015
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the state of drunkenness in which the drinker is euphoric, constantly dancing, vibing, or vogueing, professing their love for people they shared a night class with last semester, and completely oblivious to the awkward situations they create. usually accompanied by a strange "dance move" involving one hand over the face and the other high in the air; the hand holding the drink being the one up high, as it spills on those surrounding the drinker. the drinker may or may not remember his or her actions.
Caitlin: Did you see Eric last night?
Marlee: Oh, my God. Yes. He was a total shitshow.
Caitlin: Yeah, especially when he grabbed my hand and some girl I've never seen and begged for us to be best friends...
Marlee: Like I said, what a shitshow.
by brightxeyedxbabe April 16, 2009
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Behavior that is so embarrassing that you make sure it doesn't make it on your facebook page
Holy christ that was such a shitshow last night. No one better put that on Facebook.
by Mung Daal May 4, 2010
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noun. 1. A group of people so shitfaced that it is entertaining to watch.
The 80's dance party was a real shitshow, thanks to Captain Morgan.
by CapitalNumber November 11, 2009
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when a person or people put ones mind to become a cluster fuck ..making one think that is this real or who the fuck is this nigga
Last night was a shitshow people didnt know how you could lose your mind
by The Epidemic December 24, 2020
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A word coined by DJ Imax following the "She wouldnt kiss me" incident. It describes a group of normally well behaved men making incredibly rude jokes about a group of good people.
DJ Imax"She's so sloppy"
Matt: "Ohh boy this is a shitshow"
by photy February 3, 2012
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a display of literal cancer, of definitive bullshit.
often used to describe twitter drama or fandoms/fanbases
bruv did you hear about the drama with the devs

yeah☠ it's a total shitshow
by slaughterh0use July 1, 2022
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