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cool baller boy with a great sense of humor
-Rosene i want to be like Misho....
-I know Simeon , me too....
by tonic75 January 2, 2010
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When you go totally crazy and start swinging your arms around like a crazy nut.
Did you see him pulling a misho today and beating on Janakass
by Alex March 15, 2005
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Another word for "mutual".
Common to or shared by two or more parties
- I hate you
- It's misho

We have a lot of misho friends.
by Nagy Alguizi December 11, 2008
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A highly overachieving student that enjoys organizing notes, visiting the library on weekends, and fist-pumping correct answers.
As I saw Ashley's notes covered in scribble and highlighter, I couldn't help but think, "Wow, what a mishoe"
by Level 18 December 7, 2008
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Someone who is fat or chubby.
Hey misho.
Whats up misho.
Youre such a misho.
by David and Andy May 31, 2005
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creating many unique things from absoutly nothing or just random things (bongs or smoking tools). loves to be right about everything and anything. he is the quintessential egocentrest. he argues with everyone no matter how stupid the topic is on. even if he is not right and everyone knows it, he is still never wrong. always trying to make things more efficient, aka telling everyone what to do even if it is not his car or house! is short terms a Droosh bag. also has some kind of wierd power/method of getting really hot girls when no one knws how the hell it works. and the thing he does best is poses as a hipster
Andrew Misho aka Le Droosh Bag
by MUSK RAT October 4, 2010
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