Originating in South Australia, this term refers to Minda Incorporated, an organisation established in Adelaide in 1898, to support individuals (particularly children) with intellectual disabilities. It became popularised in primary school playgrounds, employed as an insult.

The term is often directed at the intellectually disabled, but can also be used to belittle family, friends, or complete strangers (though the latter depends on one's fluency in bogan).
Person A: oh, shit, I just spilt tomato sauce all over my extremely tight, acid wash jeans!

Person B: ah, ya fuckin' minda!
by Candy Whorehole February 5, 2008
To unnecessarily repeat a comment or joke almost immediately after initial statement was made, with the intention of passing it off as ones own and taking credit for it.

Dan "Hey Casey, aren't Coldplay such fags!"
Casey (crying) "Shut Up Dan, I love Chris Martin!"
Matt "Hey Casey, aren't Coldplay such fags!"
Matt laughs
Dan "That Matt bloke always "mindas" everyone. Damn you Trinder"
by DanHickey July 11, 2008
A name with many ethnic origins, including Hebrew "one who loves," Hindi "light of knowledge," and an Aboriginal term "place of shelter of peace" from which the sadly derogatory Australian slang was later derived. Also a name related to the Philippine Island, Mindanao.
Minda's parents came from Mindanao and named her in memory of their home.
by MindaDefender February 3, 2010
Instead of saying, "They are very knowledgeable." Say,"They are very Minda."
by Momma M February 3, 2010
Minda is a perfect creature. She can be feisty, but she is really nice when you get to know her.
Minda is beautiful. She is the most beautiful person in the world. She is super nice...
by En person som er pen February 12, 2019
'Minda' is a Kaurna word meaning 'place of shelter and protection'

'Kaurna is the language of the Kaurna people,South Australia. Kaurna country extends down the Adelaide Plains from Crystal Brook and Clare in the north, to Cape Jervis in the south.
We need to seek minda to so that we can be safe from the storm.
by Momma M February 3, 2010
A fire starter, imitates the guy from 40yr old virgin, puts his dvd's in genre order. knows all episodes of Friends off by heart.
Saleem says - Yo shal we go Mindas yard and watch a DVD?

Adil says - Nah fam, hes probably watchin Friends... or gettin laid.

BOTH say - YEAH RIGHT hahaahahahahahaa
by Adil - Don February 4, 2010