An actor. Plays Castiel on Supernatural. Is known for having eye!sex with co-star Jensen Ackles, who is equally as delicious as Misha. Is also taking over the world with his Minions. Other names are: Tzar, My Liege, Commandant, Swami, Enlightened One, The Oppressor, The Great Confuser, Babysitter, and The Sex.
Minion #1: We must take out the opponents for Misha Collins!
Minion #2: The Sex FTW!!!!!
by hellobeautifulxx August 5, 2009
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• Actor. Baker. Candlestick maker.

• Plays the angel Castiel on Supernatural.

• Is the Queen of the SPN family/fandom.

• Creator of + GISHWHES (greatest international scavenger hunt the world has ever seen).

• The Overlord.

• Will probably take over the world someday and people would let him.

King of social media: Twitter, Facebook live + Snapchat poems.

• Drags Donald Trump on Twitter.

• Dislikes Donald Trump.

• Former White House Intern.

• Bible group believes him to be the Anti-Christ.

• Likes to be obeyed. (See Dom!brow)

• Ships Destiel (Dean + Castiel)

• Probably insane.

• Father to future Overlord West Collins and Maison Collins.

• Cooking fast and fresh with West.

• Swears a lot.

• Sarcasm + Irony are his most loyal companions.

• His "minions" are his fans/servants.


• Special skills: Bicycle touring, Tibetan throat singing, acting on camera and more.

• Favourite Disney princess: Jensen Ackles.

• Obsession with kale.

• Indian-Russian accent.

• "Where's Misha?" by Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr + Louden Swain.

• Will mostly likely still be starring on Supernatural Season 39.

• Bluest eyes to ever blue.
Person: Why are you wearing a pet hair dress?
Minion: The Overlord requested it.
Person: What?
Minion: It's GISHWHES week! Misha Collins rules!

Minion1: Hey, what's up, Assbutt?
Minion2: Not much. Just talked to some other minions how we could get rid of Trump and help Misha on his throne.
Person: What is happening?!
by MishaGirl March 15, 2017
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1. The Sun
2. Plays the angel "Castiel"on Supernatural
3. Half of Cockles
Misha Collins:*walks in the room*
Misha minion: The sun has entered the building
by Potteratthedisco July 31, 2016
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Proper Noun
The most fabulous fucking angel in the entire world. We tried to summon him, but you can't summon angels.
Arise Misha Collins, servant of God!
by Improbablebean April 7, 2018
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1. dangerous mentality.

2. all-around awesome guy.

3. Overlord.
1. Misha Collins is not the kind of person you'd wanna provoke in a prank war.

2. See Twitter Account

3. Minions unite!
by chriswinchester109 February 9, 2012
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God's literal best creation. If you don't love him, you don't know him. All Hail Misha Collins! And let the Mishapocalypse live on! Whoo!
(Best known for his role as Castiel in the Tv show Supernatural)
Person #1: Who's Misha Collins?
Person #2: God's literal best creation, duh.
Person #1: That doesn't help.
Tumblr: Tonight we'll be showing the Mishapocalypse, starring Misha Collins.
Person #1: Who the Hell is Misha Collins? *finds a pic of Castiel on Tumblr*Oh, that's him. Well, why didn't you say so? Argh...
by hidinginthecagewithluci April 11, 2020
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