The epic word that the main protagonist of Solo Levelling uses.

Its 3 uses are :
• Summon the shadows of the dead;
Flex on the enemies;
•Make the fan base go crazy hyped for the next chapter/episode ( and occasionally make them orgasm without using their hands).
Sung Jin-Woo: Arise.
Enemy: My doom has finally come.😱😱😱
by Lor D. Faiax May 6, 2020
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Ok so basiclly its time to fucking arise. Its a new day its a new dawn its time to arise.
Yo yssup! Arise night on friday at joshs.
by Reedarise May 23, 2018
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To originate from something
(usually a fuck boy saying that people to use to look bigger than they really are.
that person looks like a twat, he has arise on his hoodie
by Goobious April 21, 2018
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A sign of perfect and greatness. She is athletic, beautiful, and amazing. Usually a good kisser and a good athlete. She is outgoing and loved by many people.
Man ariselys is amazing.
by Romohomo January 6, 2017
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Tales of Arise is the newest installment of the "Tales series" and is the story (I've had this tab open for weeks now) of the enslavement of one planet by another and the subsequent liberation of the former by the protagonist of the game.
Iam "Since he brought it up, Tales of Arise is an exercise in the exploration of the different types of tyranny. The first area you liberate is an 'overt tyranny' where the slaves are forced to labor under the rule of a brutal dictator. The second is a communist surveillance state where the citizenry is incentivized to act as informants to the state. The third is a seemingly meritocractic capitalist state but the lord of the land is aloof to the wellbeing of the public and has a toxic underling whose working behind the scenes to reinstate the oppressor class to it's previous state as rulers over the oppressed class. After you learn of the underling's plot it's revealed that the lord never really cared about equality or the oppressed class but, rather, was traumatized during the tournament to determine who would be the next lord when he was forced to kill his best friends. He just couldn't stand to hear their screams so he freed them to alleviate his guilt. The fourth is a technocratic autocracy where the denizens are forced to wear masks that strip them of their ability to think and speak. Great story. The 'Tales' series' world building and interpersonal character development is unparalleled and the title screen song is alway a bop."
by Hym Iam March 6, 2023
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it's arised, deal with it riz.
foober arised
by spqrkky February 11, 2021
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1 . A strong feeling of self-confidence.
2. A sudden regaining of determination or self-correcting in yourself
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