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• Actor. Baker. Candlestick maker.

• Plays the angel Castiel on Supernatural.

• Is the Queen of the SPN family/fandom.

• Creator of RandomActs.org + GISHWHES (greatest international scavenger hunt the world has ever seen).

• The Overlord.

• Will probably take over the world someday and people would let him.

• King of social media: Twitter, Facebook live + Snapchat poems.

• Drags Donald Trump on Twitter.

• Dislikes Donald Trump.

• Former White House Intern.

• Bible group believes him to be the Anti-Christ.

• Likes to be obeyed. (See Dom!brow)

• Ships Destiel (Dean + Castiel)

• Probably insane.

• Father to future Overlord West Collins and Maison Collins.

• Cooking fast and fresh with West.

• Swears a lot.

• Sarcasm + Irony are his most loyal companions.

• His "minions" are his fans/servants.

• Mishapocalypse.

• Special skills: Bicycle touring, Tibetan throat singing, acting on camera and more.

• Favourite Disney princess: Jensen Ackles.

• Obsession with kale.

• Indian-Russian accent.

• "Where's Misha?" by Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr + Louden Swain.

• Will mostly likely still be starring on Supernatural Season 39.

• Bluest eyes to ever blue.
Person: Why are you wearing a pet hair dress?
Minion: The Overlord requested it.
Person: What?
Minion: It's GISHWHES week! Misha Collins rules!

Minion1: Hey, what's up, Assbutt?
Minion2: Not much. Just talked to some other minions how we could get rid of Trump and help Misha on his throne.
Person: What is happening?!
by MishaGirl March 15, 2017

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