An exclamation used to distract Angels just before you throw a Molotov at them.
"Hey, Assbutt!" *Throws Molotov*
by Castiell May 22, 2010
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The greatest insult to ever be uttered by an angel of the lord. More specifically, Castiel.
This insult can commonly be found when and angel holding a Molotov cocktail of holy fire
"Hey assbutt!"
*throws molotov cocktail at Michael*
Dean: "Assbutt?"
Bobby: "Can we not talk about this right now? In case you haven't noticed, we are literally in the middle of the APOCALYPSE? Idjits."
by sparrow system June 11, 2020
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First used by the character Castiel ( Misha Collins) the word originated from the show Supernatural. To be used as an insult and to get some ones attention. Very useful when dealing with superwholocks.
I.e."HEY!ASSBUTT" as you throw a bottle of holy fire at them to send them back to heaven/hell.
by Rita Dalli December 20, 2013
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1. Noun. The Gish 2019 mascot and intern herbivorous mammal that typically consists of a majestic miniature and elusive combination of a four legged, grayish-brown, bony body of an African Wild Donkey (ass) paired with the vivid and brightly colored carrot orange and obsidian wings with white spots along the edges of a Monarch Butterfly (butt) and also their antennae, while additionally donning a loosely fashioned backwards royal blue necktie; prefers a diet of flowering kale, but other varieties of this creature are known to eat other vegetation such as, but not limited to whatever is available, Cheetos, and brussel sprouts; also known as a monarkey; special skills include: clogging and/or tap dancing, pollinating, omniscience, incredibly memory, stubborn punctuality (when they want to), acting on camera, tenacity, toxic if eaten and inspiration for the children’s party game “Staple the Wings on the Assbutt” (but that was becoming too violent with children and staplers so it is now becoming known as “Tape the Tie to the Assbutt)

2. Refers to a distraction shouted at an archangel before throwing a Molotov cocktail of holy oil at them.

3. Literally. Buttbutt. Bootybooty
“The Assbutt is my favorite GISH mascot ever!”

“Kids! It’s time to play Tape the Tie to the Assbutt!”

“Hey Assbutt!”

“Look at the Assbutt!”
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A stupid name that sounds slightly nicer than calling someone an ass.
by Helloassbutt0101 July 21, 2018
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Somebody who often does mean or cruel things to their friends.
The other day Josh told me I was dumb so I called him an assbutt.
by Evil Faerie January 24, 2011
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