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Archangel Gabriel is the youngest of the four Archangels. He's a Trickster and loves sweets but beware of his mischief. Like any other angel, he's oftenly a douche but if shit goes down, he's the guy you want on your side. And best part, his Supernatural actor is none other than the sexy Richard Speight, Jr.
Person #1: Who's this Archangel Gabriel?
Person #2: He is the youngest of the four Archangels. But be warned, he is very mischievous and loves sweets. But if shit were to go down, he's the guy you want on your side. He may be a douche most of the time, but once you have his protection, he'll make sure no one fucks with you.
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by hidinginthecagewithluci April 20, 2020

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He's literally everything you could ever want in a guy. He's a handsome gentleman with just a slight hint of mischief in his kind soul. And no matter where you see him or who he's playing, you're guaranteed to love him. If not, you're either not a woman or just someone who's not attracted to men. I'm sorry but men better than Mark Pellegrino just don't exist. Oh, and ladies, if you ever think you'll be his Superman and save him from the horrors of his life, just remember that God threw some kryptonite in the bowl while creating him. And guys, don't hate your girls for living him. They can't help it. He was designed to be loved.
Girl #1: Okay, if you could marry any celeb, who?
Girl #2: Mark Pellegrino duh. Who wouldn't choose him? He's literally kryptonite. *swoons at the thought of being with him*
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by hidinginthecagewithluci April 10, 2020

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Someone who worships or idolizes Richard Speight, Jr.'s Gabriel from Supernatural.
Person #1: Why does she act like Gabriel?
Person #2: She's a Gabrielist. That's her role model. We all know that.
Person #1: True.
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by hidinginthecagewithluci April 19, 2020

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Archangel Lucifer from Supernatural, is as he is anywhere else: the Devil but it doesn't stop there. Back in heaven, he grew up with a father (God/Chuck) that didn't care about him and a big brother (Archangel Michael) who wanted to kill him only because of his envy for Lucifer had been Chuck's favorite. When Chuck created humanity, he had expected all of his angels to worship and love these hairless apes more than him. Lucifer, knowing how pathetic this new species was and loving his father more than anything, protested. As punishment, Chuck had Michael banish him to Hell. Despite of his cruel actions, he is still that sweet little angel who loved his family. He just has a hard time showing that he cares because let's face it. As Castiel has shown us more times then we can remember, angels weren't taught people skills.
Information gathered From: Supernatural 5x03 Free to be You and Me. As well as the rest of the show.
Person #1: So, who is Supernatural's Archangel Lucifer to you?
Person #2: Same as he is anywhere else: the Devil.
Person #3: He's a poor, misunderstood angel who was cast from his home only for having an opinion different from his father's. He tries to be a little nice but fails miserably every time because, as we all know, angels aren't taught people skills. How is he supposed to know any better when that's all he knows?
Person #1: Thank you, *insert name*
by hidinginthecagewithluci April 19, 2020

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God's literal best creation. If you don't love him, you don't know him. All Hail Misha Collins! And let the Mishapocalypse live on! Whoo!
(Best known for his role as Castiel in the Tv show Supernatural)
Person #1: Who's Misha Collins?
Person #2: God's literal best creation, duh.
Person #1: That doesn't help.
Tumblr: Tonight we'll be showing the Mishapocalypse, starring Misha Collins.
Person #1: Who the Hell is Misha Collins? *finds a pic of Castiel on Tumblr*Oh, that's him. Well, why didn't you say so? Argh...
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by hidinginthecagewithluci April 11, 2020

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Nick is the first vessel of the Archangel Lucifer in Supernatural and the one who gave him actual fangirls (not girls who think they're a fan who just want to fuck Tom Ellis). All Sam Winchester (played by Jared Padalecki) did was make him hot as all Hell.
Girl #1: So, what would you say is the best thing about Nick?
Girl #2: He's Lucifer's first and primary vessel.
Girl #1: Lame response.
Girl #2: Oh, come on. It isn't like he comes to you with the red horns and tail. He comes to you as everything you ever wanted.
Girl #1: No, everything you've ever wanted.
Girl #2: *gasps* Lucist.
Girl #1: Obsessive fangirl that loves Satan.
Girl #2: I am not obsessive.
Girl #1: Sure, you aren't.
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by hidinginthecagewithluci April 18, 2020

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Matt Cohen (Best known for his role as Archangel Michael and young John Winchester) is quite literally the sexiest guy in existence. The worst part is he only gets hotter.
Crowley to Matt Cohen: You are guilty of... Being unbelievably sexy which I won't tolerate... Whoever you are.
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by hidinginthecagewithluci April 13, 2020

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