The belief that ALL evil in the world can be traced back to men.

(Similar to the National Socialist belief, that all evil can be traced back to the Jews. Also see: Bigotry.)
After his girlfriend stabbed him in the throat, Joe called the cops and was immediately arrested. After Joe bled to death, his girlfriend was not charged because of MISANDRY.
by ZeroSeven June 07, 2014
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A hatred of men and boys by their nature, due to the low self-esteem of women who could not get better jobs because they do not like dangerous or inconvenient jobs.
"I spam the same fake definition of misandry dozens of times because I must smash the patriarchy, starting with this website."
by criminal4havingapenis July 20, 2013
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Misandry ( /mɪˈsændri/) is the hatred or dislike of men or boys. Misandry comes from Greek misos (μῖσος, "hatred") and anēr, andros (ἀνήρ, gen. ἀνδρός; "man"). Misandry is the antonym of philandry, the fondness towards men, love, or admiration of them. The term misogyny is the equivalent term for women.

Like misogyny, it's a word, and as such it can be used even if the circumstances don't require it.
Just like misogyny, misandry is wrong. And two wrongs don't make a right.

We can't deny that this society has serious issues with women, but misandry will only make the Man only more convinced of what he's doing.
by Mr. DK December 31, 2011
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The hatred of the male sex. While plenty of feminists are not guilty of this, most that are also call themselves feminists. The people usually carrying out this sexism towards men will often defend themselves, claiming men have earned it or cannot have their feelings hurt by it because they say so. Please see the definitions of men and fuck boy for further examples examples of misandry.
Zoe: Men are useless pigs who make sexist jokes, I wish they all died. Nothing but sperm donors anyways.

June: So because a rude joke on the internet upset you, you decided misandry was the best route to go?
by spootyhead January 24, 2016
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The surprisingly common double standard society has against males in the regards of females, for instance a man can't hit a woman but a women can hit a man just fine, a man getting more punishment for a crime while a female can do the same thing and usually get less, or how it's "always" the male's fault when females act all bad (which is not as common but I see it).

Basically translated to "against males, or hatred or contempt of males" we see misandry all over the place, including the idea in divorce courts that the male should have to pay and the woman take the kids always.
The sin of misandry, like misogyny, hurts people, makes either sex all look bad, and we should try to end both.
The wrath of the Good Lord will pour out on this society for it's hypocrisies and blatant misandry towards males.
by happyatcommonsense February 24, 2019
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