1. Often a fat chick behind the wheel of an SUV or better known as a mini-van
2. A very dangerous and lazy driver often seen cutting people off and driving others off the road while snacking on a bucket of Hungry bucket chicken and a box of donuts
Damn look at the fat chick drivin while eatin that... oh SH#*@ look the F*** out shes coming right for us! (car screeches by) damn I told you to take the down that stupid sign! (sign reads: ALL YOU CAN EAT!!!)
by MK March 21, 2005
Two in the front, five in the back.
Hey, I learned a new term. Its called mini vanning. Two in the front, five in the back.
by Battle-Oozer May 12, 2021
Mini-van... sticking two fingers in a girls vagina and five fingers in her anus, simulating the seating capacity of a minivan. Two in the front, five in the rear.
Tom: Thanks for cooking dinner tonight baby, I appreciate all the things you do for me...

Shelly: No problem tom, once I get this kitchen cleaned up you can give me a mini-van cause I dried out the pot roast.
by Charlieangusbuttchug October 22, 2019
A wave associated we the coolest of mini van drivers. Once thought to be a form or road rage from inconspicuous fathers stuck driving the family mini van when they would rather be driving a jeep
Chris says " as this sweet mini van apporaches make sure to use your best mini van wave "
by Jxshocking August 4, 2017
Range Rover. Because of their prominence in Chicago’s affluent River North neighborhood, they have overtaken minivans as the family transportation method of choice.
My goomah put the kids in the River North Mini Van and hauled them to the East Bank Club.
by Jgwosu April 21, 2019