5 in the front and 5 in the back. When a man fists a woman through both her vagina and her asshole.
" Imma fit you up and make you into a Mexican Mini Van!!"
by CAPT JTK September 24, 2009
One who has grown up being driven around in a mini van and has been deprived of the interesting technological advancements of new cars.
Woah- that BMW hands you your seat belt, us mini van girls have never seen that before.
by Mini Van Girls June 3, 2013
DONT even get me started. ok im already started your fucked. a shitty mini van would be characterized by a '93 or below mini van (especially with the plasic laminate bullshit wood trim)(we all know thats laminate bullshit). it looks like shit, runs like shit, drives worse. and you should buy a new fucking car already. it also probably has the stupid plymouth double-halogen piece of shit mini lights that are rusted out at the bottom.. and the brake lights dont even work. another thing thats fuckin hilarious is watching the person try to use the directional, because the wipers go off at the same time because the electrical system is so shitty the wires were spliced wrong... and dont even get started with the shitty plastic spinning rims you got at autozone for 5.99 each that just come off as soon as you pull 70mph on the 135 seaford-oyster bay seaford-syosset expressway whatever the fuck you wanna call it im not gonna get into that argument now .. come to think of it they would probably stay on because that piece of shit wouldnt even make it past 45 without the master cylinder flying out of the engine block/blowing a head gasket/overheating.. some more shit would be the plymouth sign falling off, the obnoxious 37-spoke ugly hubcaps
you can find a shitty mini van if you search for 1985 plymouth voyager on google images
by MYNAMEIST January 26, 2007
an teenage boy, who has not hit puberty, who has a high voice and rides around in his moms mini-van.
Well i tell you that Steve is just a MINI-VAN BEIBER!
by Twin Boobies!!!! January 20, 2011
1.A Mini-Van Driver is a person who drives a mini van also see the words fat mini-van driver, foreign driver
soccer mom
2. A person with no respect or care for the countless gallons of precious fuel sucked up by those gas hogs called mini-vans.
3. A driver classified in the most sited vehicle on the road today (next to the SUV or as i like to call the Jeep mini-van)
4. a driver classified as one of the most dangerous hazards on the roads today (almost above drunk drivers).
5. A member of a really big family, often a mother (often called a soccer mom)
by MK March 21, 2005
A syndrome characterized by driving a mini-van recklessly, stemming from--and to compensate for--the shame of driving a mini-van (a direct relationship exists between the degree of “family orientation” to which the mini-van was engineered and the recklessness of the driver, and the mini-van can therefore be used as an indicator of potential road-hazard). Symptoms may include, but are not limited to: veering dangerously across highways, lack of turn signal use, speed limit disobedience, “baby on board” emblems, children’s sports logos, general disregard of the safety, or opinions, of others, and an all-around douchey disposition.

See also: Unnecessary, Oversized Truck Complex, Penis Envy
Josh: "I think Jeff might be developing a Mini-van Complex."
Brian: "Can you blame him? His wife has vanity plates on that thing."

Brian: "What's that guy's problem?"
Josh: "Mmmmmini-van!"
by Still Commaster March 27, 2011