Substance that the body requires to function. Has recently become a meme on tumblr.
"Goats will climb almost vertically because they crave that mineral"
by icravethatmineral December 21, 2014
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Any soft drink. Used by Indians from Durban, South Africa.
That ballie smaaks his mineral in a tumbler. His favorite mineral is Creme Soda that he buys from the tea room up the road and has in his possie.
by Exodesimal January 11, 2012
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The pinnacle of emo bands. The band was formed in Austin, TX in the mid-1990s. Released 2 albums on crank! records: "The Power of Failing" and "End Serenading." Band members are
Chris Simpson - vocals/guitar
Jeremy Gomez - bass
Scott McCarver - guitar
Gabriel Wiley - drums
Broke up in 1998, shortly after releasing "End Serenading."
If you listen to Mineral you must be deep in the emo scene.
by Matt March 25, 2006
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Something you need more of.

(Or you won't be able to protect your base from a Zerg Rush.)
*frantically tries to build more Carriers*

Adivsor: You require more minerals!

Me: Fuck!

Advisor: Come on man, mine that shit!
by Zenhachirou August 23, 2004
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