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The act of compiling your shit into a brick, then repeating this process dozens of times until you can stack your shit bricks like some sort of lego game.
Random guy: Are you playing minecrap
Mike: Uhh, what's Minecrap
Random Guy: Building brown bricks in minecrap is all the rage, I also like to stack my brown bricks into a home in minecrap
Mike: is this what you're talking about?
Random Guy: Ahh, yes Minecrap!
by DongustheRippah February 06, 2014
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Minecrap is a noun and a crappier version of the famous sandbox videogame 'Minecrafft'. Scientists estimate that Minecrap is 56.34 percent crappier than Minecraft, and there could be another crappiness increase in 2.45 years.
"Man, I was hooked onto Minecrap last night!"
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by Skronkmonster July 11, 2019
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Another word for the drug known as "minecraft" which is known to remove one's life and social skills while also causing personality quirks and shyness.
Social Guy: Yo, where's Nick at? I haven't heard from him for like 2 months.

Other Social Guy: I think he's started using minecrap man.

Social Guy: well we won't be seeing him for awhile.
by J Man123 November 07, 2013
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This phrase is only used by virgin's and fortnite players (super vigins) the phrase means Minecraft = 💩 because their salty about Minecraft be the second best game after roblox
Virgin:why are you playing MINECRAP you male queef

Minecraft chad: that's bold words for someone in pillaging distance

Virgin:(shits and cums at the same time while running )

Minecraft chad:(kills virgin)

Virgin left the game
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by Random dude = 🚬🍑 August 03, 2019
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A game which is the dark souls of 8 bit 3D graphics. It is one of the most intense games to ever come out.
by AngeryHoboWithAStolenPhone December 09, 2018
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