Feeling or Expression when you get shocked, surprised, unexpected or destroyed, devastated in your whole life , pleasure, excited (in sex) when you reach an orgasm, or sadness that may cause something like explosion in your mind or anything else...
Hey buddy, I have a nice surprise for you
What is it?
We are goin' to Hawaii together next week
OMG, that's really mind blowing , I really surprised man you just made my day.
by Kage Maro 2008 May 26, 2015
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A highly passionate act of sex in which the man reaches climax while penetrating the woman's skull through the eye socket.
Kim decided that in order to prove her undying love to Thurston, she would submit to him on their wedding night, receiving his wild bronco thrusts into her skull in what was to be her first, literally, "mind numbing," Mind Blowing experience.
by brainbutter February 17, 2010
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Experience during JFK's assassination that left many people in shock, especially the now-deceased president.
"Damn, JFK's assassination was Mind Blowing!"
by R3DFluXx October 30, 2016
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Fill your nostrils with hydrogen gas. Put a match up to your nose and watch your mind be blown.
by Slydog11 January 11, 2020
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The term that is used by the characters to describe basically every average sexual encounter in every TV-14 show ever, because 1) it's vanilla enough to pass the ratings board 2) TV writers are bad at coming up with sex adjectives.

It actually just means "surpassing your expectations to the point where you aren't sure what to think."
Mary: So I heard you and Gary had sex. How was it?
Sue: Mind blowing! How was your sex with Stew?
Mary: Oh, the same as every night.
Sue: How's that?
Mary: Oh, just mind blowing.
by yoloswagturnupyoo April 6, 2015
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when a female sees a guy and imagines giving him a blow job
look at her you could hella tell she mind blowing him
by pegasuskv April 15, 2010
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It can be used as a good or bad term meaning "WOW!"
{Someone doing something extremely funny or dumb}"Yo you blow minds fa real!
by ~Stacy~ January 25, 2008
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