A Mimi is crazy! It can be a cat name, as a cat Mimis' are usually black with yellow eyes. They don't fall in love often, so they don't want to. Them Mimis' are crazy, and they are loud. Insane really, and don't know how to stop eating. I mean they eat and eat and eat never stop. They sleep a lot to. Cute and pretty, but sometimes rejected by others.
#Mom of Mimi: My Mimi is loud I don't know how to get to sleep at night.

#Sister of Mimi : I know, and she always tries to steal my food.
by AlphaWolfy ;3 August 29, 2019
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mimi is a cute Spanish word for sleep. usually said as a kid but if you’re like me you use it on tha daily🥰
A:“aye bro did you hear what Angela said?”B:”what did she say bru?” A:she said “im gonna go mimi now gn❤️“ B: “oh nah bru she’s a keeper😩”
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by ilythot December 08, 2019
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The most wonderful person in the world. Usually has 2-3 dogs. Who’s house you go to every summer to go swimming. The person who loves you even though you dropped her Mac laptop that one time and you still feel really bad about it even though you barely remember it. Would sing you to sleep with twinkle twinkle little star and would watch the same movie 5 times in a row just to make you happy. The person you don’t say thanks to enough. Thanks.
Friend: So who’s your favorite grandma?
Me: my Mimi. She is the best!
Friend: I wish my grandparents didn’t die...
by TSM Ninja September 29, 2019
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Amazing, she’s always there for others and very trustworthy. She’s very giving. She cares about everyone, when she’s in a fight with someone she’s still there for them. She still loves them and helps them. She’s always there for everyone. She lends out everything. If she has one thing and a friend needs it she would give it to her friend.
Mimi, an outstanding girl in every way.
by Lovergurl125 August 06, 2019
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A New Zealand slang word for taking a piss, urinating. From the Maori language (Te Reo Maori) word for urine, which has found its way into the colloquial New Zealand English dialect.
It was so cold out surfing the break this morning, had to mimi in my wetty.
by kiwigolddigger September 21, 2016
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1.a small asian that likes to tell stories with no point.

2. a cute and sexy babe that exhibits extreme gooorgeousness.

3. also known as mini me.
1.oh man... that was a mimi story.
2.you are sooo damn MIMI..
by the parte November 04, 2004
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