A Swee-Test is when you have someone get on their knees, making sure that both of you have already removed your clothes. You then proceed to "Swee" on their face. If you receive a thumbs up, your Swee-Test was a success. If you receive a thumbs down, you failed your Swee-Test.
Last night, I met the sweetest guy at the club, and we went in the back and I passed a Swee Test on his face!

Yesterday, I tried to teach my girlfriend what a Swee Test was... Not only did I apparently fail, I'm single now...
by Thenicecockyboy August 12, 2012
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All the above girlfriend after being dumped by way lessor
Tony somehow landed Kat.
She is all that after his battle ex
That shits the sweetest plum
by Tonythetiler May 24, 2020
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That moment when you'er with a girl you just want to sleep with, you realize you fell in love with her.
I met this hot girl last night and took her home for some fun (to have sex)... But bro she is the sweetest kill. "I think I'm in love with her"!
by relic of war November 25, 2013
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Someone who will love you for who you are not for the size of your wallet,someone that will belive you no matter what everyone is saying,and someone that will always make you take a deep breath everytime you see them.
You are the sweetest love i been waiting for.
by Tyisha November 30, 2007
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Sweetest Day is a holiday celebrated every year on the third of October, primarily only in the Mid-West. Many people refer to Sweetest Day as a "Hallmark Holiday", meaning that it is a made-up holiday, in order for candy, card, and flower stores to increase their profits.

The creation of Sweetest Day is often attributed to Herbert Birch Kingston, a local candy company employee. The first Sweetest Day was October 8, 1921 in Cleveland, OH, where The Sweetest Day in the Year Committee distributed over 20,000 boxes of candy to "newsboys, orphans, old folks, and the poor". It was a generous way to show love and appreciation to the poorer folk, who Kingston felt were neglected by the community.

Nowadays, Sweetest Day is a day to shower the ones you love with gifts and make them feel special, just like Valentine's Day. Even though, many people believe that Sweetest Day is for the guy and Valentine's Day is for the girl, that's not true. It's just another day to show love, respect, and appreciation for family, friends, and loved ones.
*Hands your best friend a box of chocolates*
"Happy Sweetest Day! Thanks for always being there for me. I really appreciate it and I love you dearly."
by AmandaPandaXOXO August 20, 2012
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1. Favorite part of your girlfriend's/boyfriend's body.

2. The act of kissing, nibbling or caressing one's favorite body part of their lover.

3. Being fondled or licked by your partner in his/her favorite area of your body.

4. Mannerism, expression, habit that may seem totally banal to an outsider but that one finds particularly endearing about their soul mate.
1-3."Sweetest thing I've ever known was like a kiss on the collar bone." (Lauryn Hill)

4. Sweetest thing I like about you M.B. is the way you jokingly push me around and nudge me with your hips. I get so aroused by that you have no idea.
by venusflytrap January 18, 2005
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One who refers to their "hoo-hah" as being sweet.
You have one of the sweetest pies I've ever tasted!
by Saucy Pilot March 28, 2022
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