Reo is a sexy human who attracts a Huge percentage of women

People born on the same day as a Reo should be happy/proud

Friends of a reo would describe them as a high tempered person but can also be sweet. Reo also has a funny side where they can make a joke out of anything
You aren’t as funny as reo
by Chloe bennet October 20, 2019
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Reo: Sweet💕,freaking adorable, cute. Doesn’t care how you look. Only cares about personalities.. ilysm Reo
Reo is so freaking adorable. Ilysm Reo, and I’ll love you forever... from: Mc..
by theguy_666 July 02, 2019
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A male name that is used on gay people and also means an unsuccessful building in a river owned by the bank.
Reos also won’t play a game if they aren’t instantly good at them.
I’ll only play this if I’m good at it
by HeSpeaksFacts October 06, 2020
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A true God.
Will do nothing but jerk off and watch anime.
Nobody would dare to cross its path.
Have you seen Reo?

No, he hasn't left his room in six weeks.
by Big Megan February 27, 2020
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reo is a beautiful, sweet, lovable and adorable soul.

she/he can easily be soft at 2am and can destroy others hearts with their softness (literally).
reo is an amazing person to look up to. she/he can comfort you during your rough times, she/he can help you fight through your hard moments.

reo is honestly such an amazing person- overall, she/he’s just lovely.
go marry a reo- it’s worth it.

i love reo so much, like genuinely. she/he’s fucking adorable.
by gxsom19 August 02, 2018
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n. Another name for the drug known as speed.

Speed > REO Speedwagon > REO.
Yo man, you got any REO?

Nah man, I don't do that stuff.
by Also Known As Gaz April 10, 2011
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Random Erectile Occasion.

Similar to a NARB, a boner that seemingly occurs without reason.
Dude, I was at dinner and suddenly got a REO. Had to untuck my shirt and lean forward to hide it.
by REOwriter July 10, 2020
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