The most kawaii sweet and sassy girl, is there really more to know?
Mimi is so envy worthy.
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by ChocoCat101 August 15, 2017
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A word children call their mom or grandmother or aunt.
The children called for Mimi to tuck them into bed for a nap
by Tiffanylee76 July 04, 2017
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The cutest person ever. THE definition of cute. If you look it up, you see Mimi.

Sweetest friend ever, you will never find a better one.
Person A: My best friend is amazing!
Person B: What’s her name?
Person A: Mimi
Person B: oh I see! Mimis are the sweetest
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by 127917291 July 29, 2019
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A very loud girl, she is typically the popular girl in school. She loves talking in school and acts crazy every where she goes. But she can be very friendly and sweet only when she wants to.
Today in 2nd hour Mimi couldn’t stop talking!
by Jane Maria paul April 19, 2019
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Mimi is an amazing funny person. She is goofy but has abig heart. She has an artsy side and loves to express herself to others, not in the form of dating though.
Mimi is sooooo funny!
by Pixiestick518 January 12, 2019
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Mimis are super sexy beasts. They are quiet emo loners with no friends, but after you get to know one they actually are really awesome and hyper. Mimis are normally fangirls who are a part of many fandoms, and can be considered a Potterhead, a Tribute, a Jedi, a Demigod, a Whovian, and tons more. Other fandoms are Game of Thrones, James Bond, and Divergent.
Harry Potter is the most important thing to Mimis in the entire world, and are 99.9% of their blood.
Mimis are also obsessed with different types of music. Their favorite bands are normally Nirvana, Beach Boys, Green Day, Silversun Pickups, Jane's Addiction, Awolnation, Of Monsters and Men, Stone Temple Pilots, 30 Seconds to Mars, Passion Pit, Ramones, Linkin Park, Jerry Lee Lewis, Alice in Chains, and whatever plays on LIVE 105.3.
Mimis go to LIVE 105 BFDs every year, and Michael Angelakos normally touch their left hand at BFD 2013. Mimis don't wash it off.
Guy 1: Look at that sexy beast right over there!
Guy 2: Huh? Where?
Guy 1: That sexy beast wearing that giant sweater while reading Divergent and holding a wand, with earbuds on. She might be listening to Nirvana. And crying.
Guy 2: Oh! That looks like a Mimi.
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