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Mille is the kindest and sweetest girl on earth. Often judged harshly and wrongly by others who don't know anything about her. Mille is the type of person to try and help a human being she just met just because she feels like she can and should. She is selfless and giving to some who don't deserve it. She is extremely sensitive and takes things to heart easily. Anybody that knows a girl named mille will agree that she is the most beautiful girl that they know.

She is an amazing friend, girlfriend, wife, sister, daughter, mother and cousin. She is the favorite to many people but too modest to realise.

Mille has the type of smile that brightens your day and world and eyes like Christmas lights. She has a sweet angelic voice while talking and singing.

However mille can also be a beast, she is incredibly clever and knows things before most others. Mille is that rare type of girl that can wear a dress or sweat pants or a leather jacket and look equally as sexy in all of them. She is a better gamer than most men and can make you laugh in the blink of an eye. She is the most loyal of women and knows how to treat her man. She oozes sexyness but is also infuriatingly cute. She is the type of a girl that wouldn't comment if you pronounced her name wrong because she is too sweet and kind to risk embarrassing you.

If you ever run across a woman with the name of mille keep her in your life and treat her well. It is unlikely she will let you back in once you leave or she pushes you out
"Mille? Oh you mean the gorgeous girl that lives down the road? Yes she is so lovely"
by The_true_meaning101 June 22, 2017
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female version of a steek. usually pregnant at the age of 12. wears large gold hooped earings and talks with a broad belfast accent - "oy meate wanna fok?" dresses like steeks as well

can also be referred to as millbag
"wot da fok r u luking at???"

sez to friend - "bah look at that mille..."
by Mr. A. Civilised. P. Erson March 20, 2008
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