In the times of Pugilism under the London Prizefight Ring Rules, British gents used this term as a verb to mean fight, thrash, beat, and box.
Bill Richmond proceeded to mill his opponent Dockey with such severity, Dockey was left completely blind.

The milling of those two pugilist was quite the sight to see.
by ChaosHarmony August 2, 2011
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an alias for an ugly person, someone with a fetish for backpacks or hats.
Person 1: he is such a milling!
Person 2: Yeah I know he is so gross
by DGNrunner April 29, 2012
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1. The process of wandering aimlessly, similar to loitering.
2. Something average, shortening of 'run of the mill'.
"Shit the train doesn't leave for another hour", "oh well lets just mill around town for a bit"

"won't be going back to see that film, it was pure mill"

"Dave's party was so mill I had to leave before ten"
by GoldenBarrel November 19, 2009
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Short for milligram. Dealing with opiates and such like prescription pills. Term originated from Fairfield County. The term is slowly spreading along with the addiction. Can also be called Oc's, Blues, Mill, Milled
Hey I just beat Rob for some mills, care for a bump?
Ean, Cale, and Eric went on an epic journey to find a mill.
by TrumbullCenterRat January 18, 2011
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A term used in TCG games which means that a player ran out of cards to draw.
*two guys playing Magic*
Dude: *crap, I'm almost out of cards. Only four left in the deck*
Dude 2: play "Ancestral Visions". You draw 4 cards
Dude; Damn it! I MILLed out
by KingFloofy:3 March 13, 2017
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