A self-defeating combination. Though the purpose of sandals is to make you look cool and sexy, wearing sandals with socks achieves the opposite effect.
Those bros would probably get a lot more action if instead of wearing sandals with socks, they let their toes free.
by srury May 21, 2014
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Perhaps the most comfortable of all combos, the Adidas Sandals and Socks Combo provides unrivalled comfort along with looks that will pull the most hard-to-get bitches. Common amongst Europeans (mainly Croatians/Bosnians), such a combo dates back centuries and has proven to withstand the tests of time to evolve from leather to the new plastic, Adidas sandals.
Slipping into his Adidas Sandals and Socks Combo, Dave was ready to tackle treacherous endeavours and whatever challenges life throws up, as only such a combo can handle impossible tasks whilst providing extreme comfort, style and sex appeal.
by Dave M8 March 31, 2014
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Sandals and socks are a common fashion item for age 50+ tourists and an extra item for when jesus's feet get cold.
Sandals & Socks
Dude-Damn my feet are cold but i don't wanna take off my ultra cool 3 strap sandals, what should i do?
Old man tourist-Get some socks!
by Robyn-Haych December 28, 2008
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