Someone who is unlike anyone else. Someone perfect in every single way. He doesn't care what people think and lives life to the fullest. People wanna be like him, Crystal worships him and at the sound of his name, people bow down.
Milam is the best guy in the world and is very loveable and perfect in my eyes.
by Crystal February 12, 2004
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vb. to take the roach of a smoked blunt and put it out on your tongue, then flip it with one hand into your mouth and swallow it with a smile on your face. Note: different than Wu-Tanging a blunt; not a sucking motion but a flip of the blunt roach.
Hey Buckles, I dare you to Milam that blunt you pussy!
by Dr. EZ December 7, 2004
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A word that describes being a total loser.
He still lives at home with his parents and he's 40, he's such a Milam.

She never sticks to anything she starts she's becoming a Milam.

He pulled a Milam when he snitched on those guys.

You are such a Milam because all you do is complain all the time.

She's lazy and even though she's over 40 she's never had a job, what a Milam.

He's a Milam because his parents are dying and he cashes their social security and disability checks to buy comic books.
by PlanetMatthew April 26, 2008
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When a bartender gets a customer so drunk that they wake up in there own urine and vommit. With possible jail time to follow.
I went to concert pub last night and got so milamed.
by Mic hou January 26, 2017
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A person with a picture of a squirrel with a bazooka as his facebook picture. He is amazingly good at calculus and brawl. Starbucks coffee flows through his veins, yet even with all that caffeine he still sleeps 15 hours a day. He's a funny guy and Minnie loves him...and the number 7.
Milam Chandler is like a pseudo-jesus of starbucks and is also kind of a calculus whore.
by ZehnJLi November 23, 2008
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the cameron milam revolution is by far one of the best comedy/rap artists in southern west virginia.
the cameron milam revolution

Crazy Crackhead Gansta
by Joe Spancer May 3, 2006
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Milam is an amazing person who is a badass friend. He has helped me thru everything and he's just someone who you will never wanna lose. he is an amazing friend and an even better boyfriend. extremely nice person he knows how to help with your problems. never lose him
girl: Wow look at her boyfriend he has to be a Milam
girl: Yeah
by Lovemybabe March 16, 2021
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