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Wu-Tanging, a trick derived from the underground hip-hop/rap group known as the Wu-Tang Clan and their love of smoking marijuana, is a trick performed when smoking marijuana in joint form. The trick can be performed at any time while smoking the joint however is usually performed when the joint is close to the end. Wu-Tanging is when the current holder of the joint holds it between their lips and then swallows the rest of the joint while its burning, roach included. This trick is VERY difficult and takes a high tolerance of marijuana and is not completely safe as the cherry of the joint can burn any part of your mouth or throat as it goes down if you are experiencing cottonmouth. The effect is similar to when one stomachs a bong hit, in that the person will have smokey burps and feel very uneasy until the gas has passed.
Greg: Dude watch me Wu-Tang this shit
Kyle: I can't believe you're Wu-Tanging the rest of that joint!
by TheRealSequel August 31, 2015
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Sexual accoutrements performed during reverse cowgirl. Insert both thumbs into her anus forming the Wu-tang symbol
Fuck man, this girl is such a freak, I’ve run out of things to do to her!”
“Have you wu-tanged her yet?”
by Dartanion42069 January 23, 2019
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