Excessive vomiting
I played a round of golf the other day and Whittaker's swing caused me to vommit.
by Jim Furyk September 10, 2008
The trickle of ejaculatory fluid coming from a women’s anus after you’ve spooged inside her rectum.
Damn after bustin up in that baloon knot the bitch had mad grommet vommit
by Smash Brown March 22, 2005
Similar to spitting salt, but only used when more intense arguments are held.
"I was beyond mad, when we talked, i was vommiting salt non stop!"
by THOMMZZ May 18, 2008
the act of fucking throwing up on your bbc whilst masturbating to have a better orgasm whilst one of your parental gaurdians watches on in fear.
mum-stop vomiting on your cock before i fucking beat the living fuck out of you. -vommit on a cock
by the guy who vommited o January 6, 2023