Our Lord and savior. Legend foretells he will rise again frim the depths of help and destroy all that have disregarded him
"All hail Mike Wazowski"
by Dankmeme445 August 19, 2017
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Our lord and savior, he died for our sins, he saved us from sully and sent him down to Mikesullowski hell, and if you do not believe in Mike Wazowski you will go to Mikesullowski hell, Sulley will become your pimp and you have gay furry sex for all eternity. If you get sacrificed to Mike Wazowski, you will become Mike Wazowski’s slave.(we only sacrifice non believers.) But, if you are a Wazowskiist and you die you will go to Niche and be free to do what ever you want while Mike Wazowski watch’s over you and the rest of his children.
Mike Wazowski died for our sins.
by GoronJesus November 11, 2018
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To watch Monsters inc. then when Mike Wazowski gets his fingers crushed, crush ones fingers within their anus, while furiously jacking off with the other, screaming in unison. Can be done with one or more people.
“Hey dude, wanna Mike Wazowski tonight?” “Sure, but your fingers are the ones getting crunched in my juicy anus.”
by MC Ballsack June 23, 2019
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Funky little eyeball with a funky optic nerve. Best friends with James P. Sullivan.
Mike Wazowski stole my children.
by DramaDeciple February 20, 2019
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When a woman is giving you head and as you cum you shout "Mike Wazowski" and force your semen out of her nose from laughter.
My girlfriend was giving me head and when I ejaculated I shouted "Mike Wazowski" and she laughted so hard my cum came out of her nose.
by cadirtymind April 4, 2010
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A family friendly way to say a tumor or cancer
P1: I hate it here
P2: Why
P1: it gives me mike wazowskis
P2: huh
P1: it gives me cancer to be here
by HellyZ May 9, 2019
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A Mike Wazowski is when a girl/boy takes a selfie, but only feels as though it is relevant to put the corner of their face in the picture and not their whole face. Usually, only one eye is visible.
Boy 1: Have you seen Shane's new Facebook profile picture?
Boy 2: Yeah dude, he was doing a Mike Wazowski.
by Kattii October 30, 2015
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