He is the epitome of sexy! Has a lot of friends , loves reggae music, works hard & loves his son soo much! He’s tall, has an amazing body & a smile that lights up any room he walks into! He has a beautiful soul & just being around him makes you feel good!
He will have all the characteristics of Sulley, he will be amazing!
by jnbsunshine July 17, 2020
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A guy who is eccentric and likes to shout "SEX AND VIOLENCE" at people haha, and yell "OMG IT'S A POPTAWT" when he 'forgets' theres asians around. He's always got wicked nice hair, and is always nice (okay, sometimes nice.) and rocks. He also looks good in a plaid vest.
That Sulley guy is a crazy one. Ohhh boy.
by Sammie B August 27, 2008
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A big, blue, purple penis with purple spots.
Mike loves Sulley’s “Big Sulley”.
by FireShotGamer September 6, 2018
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