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One who is or acts like a flaming homosexual. Gay. A queerbo.

frimness: exhibiting gayness
Jesus, look at that frim with the hotdog up his ass!

That Civic is sporting maximum frimness
by Lance April 07, 2003
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Hubcaps bought at the local parts store, fake rims used to add pimpin appeal to a cheap car. Also available in spinner style.
dawg, check out those pimpin rims.
shit, ain't nothin but frims G
by t dawg December 23, 2003
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To mean "for him" as in buying something for a someone male.
Person 1: "What you get your dad for Christmas?"
Person 2: "Got a book f'rim"
by Aleeeeeex July 23, 2008
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Frim is a portmanteau of the words firm and trim. It applies to a state of physicality that is both slim and toned.
It's now my goal to become frim.
by sbmurc August 11, 2011
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