A way to describe a person who has done an idiotic thing. Leaving them with terrible consequence at the end.
Omg I can't believe you just did that! You have gay!
by fireballpenguin November 23, 2017
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A question that TikTok, YouTube shorts, and Facebook reels "Influencers" ask random ass hoes on the street.

A thot is someone (typically female) that engages in a lot of sexual Activity, or streams on twitch in skimpy outfits and asks for money from men.

Gay would mean homosexual in this situation

Which would you rather have?
Influencer: "how much do you pay for rent in New York"
Random person: "Any other questions?"
Influencer: "Would you rather have a gay son or thot daughter?"
Random person: "Either way it's free head"
by MongusMongus July 31, 2023
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