Mikael, well what can you say bout Mikael. He's funny, smart, and practicallly everything under the sun! One thing i know for sure is i think he is too awesome to be my friend. Also im jealous of every girl that is talking to him when im not. He makes me smile everyday when im mad at him. When im sad or lonely he makes me feel way better. He is in my mind a sport freak. He plays football, baseball, and a "man sport" water polo ;)! But i love him for that. He makes my heart race fast just by looking at me. His smile is so contagous. Sometimes he laughs at random things but thats ok. Random would also be a good word for him. He makes random noices and brings up random conversations. Well, if i were to list how i felt about Mikael you would be here a while and ive only known Mikael for like 2 months. Today i say tht i am proud to know Mikael! :)
Mia202: Hey i just texted Marcel all day.

Pinch06: Yeah, I sat by Mikael today! :)

Mia202: I hate you!!

Pinch06: ik your jealous!! :)

Mia06: yess i am
by moinch20y October 17, 2011
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A beautiful soul. The nicest person you'll ever meet. Everybody loves him. He is so wise. Usually has everyone coming to him for advice and yet hardly anyone will listen to his troubles. Always knows the right thing to say but also wishes there was someone who knew how to treat him. Because of this he is easy to love and yet he is cautious about where he shows his affections.
Matt- 'oh I really need some advice. Where is mikael when you need him?'
by Appletree February 5, 2010
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The Sexiest man alive! He is the perfect, exciting, handsome and is known to have a huge cock. He is dominant over his brothers and will shit on anyone who opposes him, he will shit on them. Overall the most amazing guy in the world.
Wow, you're gay, I wish you were Mikael.
by MFoote97 December 7, 2010
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(mic-KEL)If you come across something that is amazing, witty, intelligent, hilarious, and awesome... Then you've found a Mikael. It's a very rare type of human who loves life and any thing awkward. You can use the word to define people, places and things.
Wow, did you see that Mikael episode of Friends last night?
Things would be great if I could be more Mikael...
Dude chill with the ego it's so Mikael!
by applemixx February 5, 2010
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Is a funny,smart,caring,fine,great personality, and listens to whatever you have to say.
He is such a Mikael
by Sha'naenae August 2, 2018
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A guy with a huge penis. Nothing to add to that really. It looks like a friggin Loch Ness monster. No joke.
"The dude I took home last night turned out to be a real Mikael."
by Realthang222 November 24, 2021
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Is tall, athletic, sort of handsome and lifts weights.
by Pa-ro-me-ta August 20, 2021
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