Independent city east of Richmond, Virginia...sounds like lotion... you have poor folks and rich folks...and I'm in the middle. Midlo is good for cat fishing and metal detecting.
I'm gonna grab my AT Garrett Pro and get that Midlothian nectar.
by Anne01 February 02, 2017
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A town in Texas, 30 minutes South of Dallas. It's mostly fields and open country. This town is also referred as, 'Mid-HO-thian. Need I say more?
Guy: "You're from Midlothian?"
Girl: "Yes - hehehe"
Guy: "So, you wanna go back to my barn?"
Girl: "Sure - hehehehe"
by bar_b_queen June 19, 2008
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A town in Virginia near Richmond. Home to a vibrant Sousaphone community, Midlothian enjoys commerce from around the central Virginia area who come to see and play Sousaphones. Midlothian contains a wide range of wildlife, including deer, rabbit, fauna, and Marks and Harrison. Midlothian residents, mainly conservative, concern themselves with gun control, family values, and the reduction of terrorism in central-eastern Virginia.
Midlothian is located in the Piedmont geologic region of the state, and is made up of mainly a hilled, fertile land (it is somewhat of a plain.)
by Tinkerbell2006 October 03, 2007
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A place that sucks if you're not well-off.
Craig: "OMG Midlothian is nothing but poor hispanics blacks and asians... to make it worse, rednecks have come in!"

Mike: "Dude, that's because YOU'RE poor, make some money and move to my area."
by BassMZero January 30, 2011
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Midlothian is an unincorporated community in Chesterfield County, Virginia. The town that is mostly blacks, asian and hispanic. Although there is a large amount of white trailer park trash types that have recently infiltrated the area.

The town is somewhat pretty to visitors, but SUCKS to live in because there is absolutely nothing to do. In midoldian, you either an old grumpy type or burnt out basket case child. If you don't own a huge gun collection, then you are viewed as a 2nd rate citizen. You have to drive for hours to do anything fun. The kids are bored as hell and most smoke weed, do meth and heroin to spice up their pointless existence. What do the adults do for fun in midlothian? They shoot at things all day and night. I had bullet holes all in the back side of my house. One bullet actually went into my house from one of the red neck neighbors and ended up in my kitchen sink.

The school is pretty crappy. It's full of mold and the middle school is actually falling down. In Midlothian, you know youre a loser and your life will amount to almost nothing. The few kids that play sports and actually amount to somthing usally run for the hills as far away from this god foresaken place as they possibly can. For the kids who dont do sports there are also recreational options such as weed, shrooms and heroin. This town has a lot to offer.... not really.
i live in Midlothian. its in the middle of nowhere, shittiest place to live in the USA.
by midlothian sucks January 16, 2011
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A small ass town in Texas South of Dallas. That is overrun by dick cops who literally have nothing better to do than put people in jail for roach weed. The girls are known as Midlo hoes. This town is so boring that all the schoolers get drunk and drive their douche bag trucks up to whataburger on Friday night. Seriously never come to Midlothian Tx.
by janedoe187 February 26, 2015
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