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Why Thank You
John: "Hey mark, you owned everyone in that PvP!"
Mark: ":D wty"
by BassMZero August 04, 2010

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Used as a rebuttal to anyone, usually a 4chan frequenter, who says "the cake is a lie." It is usually said by someone that has actually completed the game "Portal" in which, upon completion, one sees a cutscene showing that the cake is, in fact, not a lie.
4chan troll: "TEH CAEK IZ A LIE!"
Tyrone: "Excuse me good sir, I've completed 'Portal' and let me tell you, the cake is not a lie."
by BassMZero January 15, 2011

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Post-LOST Depression; The depression felt after 5/25/2010 when the series LOST ended.

Not to be confused with Post-Loss Depression which is felt after ones favorite sports team, usually the Redskins, loses.
Damn it Greg! Get over your PLD and watch The Event with me!
by BassMZero December 13, 2010

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Baby I'd Like to Fuck.
Used by Stewie Griffin in "Family Guy" in reference to a baby he found attractive in a supermarket.
Stewie: "Ooh, ooh! BILF, total BILF"
Stewie: "Yeah so I got 6 pacifiers"
BILF: "..."
Stewie "Well, that was a big nothing"
by BassMZero January 16, 2011

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Rarely heard outside of a few people, "lulzies" is a more whimsical way of loling. If audible, one would hear "teehee"
Sarah: "Oh my god I love unicorns! I can haz unic0rnz?!?"
Brooke: "lulzies, you're so funny!"
by BassMZero September 28, 2010

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"Cool beans" emoticon, rarely used outside of a few social groups, this is the "Thumbs-Up Jesus" of emoticons.
Chris: "Whassup Terrell? I just got that GoW3 baby! Woot!"
Terrell: "Gratz! (b^~^)b"
by BassMZero February 24, 2011

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A harmless word used to describe an ignorant person that also makes white people jealous of blacks because after 400 years they aren't allowed to say it, but black people are.
Damn I hate niggers! They make all of us blacks look bad!
by BassMZero June 11, 2010

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