VERB (midging, midged)
1. to unintentionally ignore or overlook someone, especially in the context of online chats.
I donated 500 bits and the streamer totally midged me.
by crypt0bot August 15, 2018
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1: a small fly. see myiasis

Etymology: Middle English migge, from Old English mycg; akin to Old High German mucka midge, Greek myia fly, Latin musca
Date: before 12th century

biting midge gall midge
The hair had lice playing jacks, the pupils were sewer-green, all's he needed was someone to mourn him and maybe a biting midge to keep him off his feet.
by Nco November 24, 2003
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A hairless pussy cat. Predominantly found in Havana, Illinois.
Mister Bigglesworth is a midge. Amy has a midge.
by Onetothenuts November 16, 2012
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When one takes an explosive shit that hurts the anus. One would think that a midget or short person was hiding in the toilet with a lighter held to their ass.
After a late night call for Taco Bell, Tommy used one too many packets of fire sauce- After retiring for an hour or so in the restroom, Tommy commented to his friends, "Wow, I think i just got attacked by a midge in the bathroom!!!"

After a week of consuming a diet of habeneros and hard-boiled eggs, Shane felt overwhelmed by the constant battling of the "midge."
by PodBerry February 6, 2009
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n: The word Midge is derived from midget. This slander is to indicate that the person bestowed the title (1) is of short stature and
(2) is weak or helpless
(3) possibly an individual who is a disturbance, hinderance or enjoys complaining.
The Midge may also be very adept at manipulations.

The classic Midge may be characterized by Margaret from "Dennis the Menace"
"My little sister is a real midge. She's always whining for help..."

"That kid that kept crying was being a %#@*ing midge!"
by Bon Jabb April 6, 2006
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