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Noun. Mountain.

Etymology: Jonathon Spyri’s novel, Heidi.
Heidi's grandfather told her to get up the alm and look after those goats.
by Nco November 16, 2003
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Deep thought.
A cliché that means deep thought.
The action of people thinking underwater.


Main Entry: 1fath·om
Pronunciation: 'fa-th&m
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English fadme, from Old English fæthm outstretched arms, length of the outstretched arms; akin to Old Norse fathmr fathom, Latin patEre to be open, pandere to spread out, Greek petannynai
Date: before 12th century
1 : a unit of length equal to six feet (1.83 meters) used especially for measuring the depth of water
The first year composition students could not fathom another way to write without the use of trite words.
by Nco November 16, 2003
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Main Entry: drogue
Pronunciation: 'drOg
Function: noun
Etymology 1: Anthony Burgess’ _A Clockwork Orange_.
Date: circa 1971
Etymology 2: probably alteration of 1drag
Date: 1875
1. A toady. A cohort. A person that you use as a pawn. Someone that goes before the leader to take the main assault. A friend by convenience.
3 a : a cylindrical or funnel-shaped device towed as a target by an airplane b : a small parachute for stabilizing or decelerating something (as an astronaut's capsule) or for pulling a larger parachute out of stowage
3 : a funnel-shaped device which is attached to the end of a long flexible hose suspended from a tanker airplane in flight and into which the probe of another airplane is fitted so as to receive fuel from the tanker.

*Definitions 2-3 derive from Merriam Webster.
I sent my drogue to steal a car before we went out that evening.
by Nco November 16, 2003
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Though most bottle blonds will never bleach their lower hair, there is nothing like fire in the hole to know that the girl is real.
by Nco November 24, 2003
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1: A person put in a ceiling harness and raped.
2: A violent sexual act that results in severe bleeding and discharge. Even consensual pinata sex may be felonious in most locations due to the graphic nature. Harnesses offer different angles of coitus and allow for lazy men to spin their partner while inserted.
Superfag turned the tax collector into a rape pinata using the handles of the attaché case to string him from the ceiling.
by Nco November 24, 2003
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After coming to Christmas without any presents, the family strung up my legs by using some ribbon, thereafter their taunts became a sort of rape piñata.
by Nco November 24, 2003
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