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One who makes the conscious decision to indulge in smokeless tobacco or snuff, in those instances that others would deem inappropriate.
Boss- "Hey John, can i talk to you for a minute?"
John wencing, quickly turns his head to hide the left side of his cheek. "Sure."
Boss- "I'm gonna need to talk to you about the IT reports."
John mummbles- "later"
Boss- "Excuse me!"
John- drool running outside of mouth, "Later!"
Boss leaves with suspicion
John closes door, grabbs pop bottle, spits out the dollar dip and thinks to himself, "Whew, I almost blew that sneakachew."
by PodBerry February 05, 2009

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When one takes an explosive shit that hurts the anus. One would think that a midget or short person was hiding in the toilet with a lighter held to their ass.
After a late night call for Taco Bell, Tommy used one too many packets of fire sauce- After retiring for an hour or so in the restroom, Tommy commented to his friends, "Wow, I think i just got attacked by a midge in the bathroom!!!"

After a week of consuming a diet of habeneros and hard-boiled eggs, Shane felt overwhelmed by the constant battling of the "midge."
by PodBerry February 05, 2009

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When one is really excited to retrieve a juicy booger from thier nostril, only to be let down by a finger full of mucus.
Tracy became frustrated, as she laid in bed with her inability to dig out a good booger. She continued to draw blanks retrieving only the left-overs of a slimey substance that required extensive rolling of her fingers together to form a mooger.
by PodBerry February 05, 2009

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