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Middy is another slang word for missus/girlfriend. Commonly used in NZ and Aussie.
Caleb: Oh bro, is that your middy?
Steve: Sure as hell is!
by rainbowchick October 14, 2012
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A grade of marijuana higher than a normal commercial, while still is a type of commercial weed. However, is a step above normal weed; a step below kind bud. Hence the name "middies", as it is in the middle of normal and very good.

This type of bud is normally very dank and not compressed, such as normal commercial.
This isn't the same commercial that I normally get, this time I got some middies.
by Bud Greene January 18, 2004
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Smaller in standard to the schooner glass, 325ml, used in pubs in New South Wales, Australia.
"Can I get a middy of New, thanks."
by Angie H May 30, 2008
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The definition of a biddy except a man version. A male biddy.
"Hey girl, look at that middy over there...lets go make him buy us a drink"
by APM December 07, 2007
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A middy is shot-form for a "midterm". Used by students at the University of California, Berkeley - especially since they have so many midterms. The term "middy" was inspired by Lil Wayne's hit song, a "Milli", but given educational and practical value.
Tess: My econ middy was hella hard
by BeezyFBebe7 October 07, 2009
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mid-grade weed. not for hi-rollers. best used in brownies, cause it'll take a long ass time to get high from smoking it
i smoked an 8th of middies. nothing happened.
by stinkynuts June 21, 2003
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If someone is called "middy" it means that they are strange in any way shape or form. The word "skippin" can be used interchangeably with "middy".
Look at that kid riding his scooter, he's middy/skippin.
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